Privacy policy

Welcome to ("Sharexy"), a website owned and controlled by Inalto technologies LLP ("we", "us", or "our"). offers online services and applications allowing users to share content on the web more easily and earn money on advertising.

About This Policy

This policy governs only Sharexy's use and disclosure of information we collect when users start using the Sharexy sharing button to share information, visiting a publisher website that includes the Sharexy sharing button or uses the Sharexy services, or start viewing advertisements we offer. This policy does not otherwise apply to the practices of other websites, third-party advertisers or advertising networks, or other services or companies that we do not own, manage or control. We do not control the privacy practices of such third parties, and you are subject to the privacy policies of those third parties when you use their services.

General provisions

We may collect information about you using the following means: when you complete a Sharexy registration, when you visit our website, when you use our sharing icon to share content, when you visit a website using the Sharexy services or when you view or respond to advertisements served by us or on our behalf. Sharexy conducts display of messages of promotional nature aimed at informing Internet users about the products or services, simultaneously collecting statistics about the number of times the promotional messages have been loaded and quantity of visits at advertised website in which message display resulted. In Sharexy we respect privacy and ethical principles while cooperating with our partners and Internet users, as it is our highest priority at all times.

Members security

Sharexy guarantees confidentiality of all statistical data. Access to statistical data can’t be provided to the third party.

Sharexy guarantees that registration data of our users stays confidential at all times and will never be transferred to the third party under any circumstances, except the following cases:

  • - getting in contact to fulfill mutual liabilities;
  • - presenting official information about operation of our services;
  • - presenting official information from Sharexy;
  • - presenting promotional materials about

Sharexy guarantees privacy of financial information, provided to us by the users of our services. Financial information may not be disclosed to the third party and is required solely for the purpose of mutual settlement of financial matters between Sharexy and our partners.

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