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It’s simple: we broadcast ads using the widget and you earn with every click!

Display of a relevant pay per click advertising using the sharexy widget does not annoy visitors, distract their attention from the content and require additional space on the website. If you are using the old standard social sharing buttons, simply replace them with the new sharexy widget and start earning money immediately!

While selecting ads, we apply powerful contextual technology, which ensures the relevant advertising, suitable and attractive offers for your visitors, and an awesome income source for you.

How do you start? It’s never been easier! Let’s get down to it.


Use our widget constructor, to easily customize the sharing widget, and select the type of placement you like. Numerous styles by the best designers from all over the world are at your disposal.


Same place - customize ad broadcasting. You’ve got three options:

  • Display ads at all times

    Visitors will see the ad next to the first widget on the page as soon as they open the page. For instance, if you have a blog and the sharing buttons are placed next to each topic on the main page, ad will only appear next to the first topic. Visitors will also see the ad when sharing a link or hovering a cursor over the Sharexy button.

  • Display ads when visitors share the link

    A visitor clicks on of the social network buttons in the widget and in most likely they are will temporarily leave your webpage. Having shared the link they get back to your website and see the ad next to the widget.

  • When and if the visitor hovers the cursor over the Sharexy button

    If the visitor hovers the cursor over the Sharexy button in the widget, they are sees the ad and additional sharing options.

You can turn off the ads broadcasting at any time you want and use only social sharing features.

Install the Sharexy code on your website. Just paste it and it will work. Simple!


Make your life better with the money you earn with Sharexy! All the payments will automatically be sent directly to your PayPal account every 1st and 15th of the month.

See how easy and profitable it is! So why wait?

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