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  • Attractive sharing buttons’ designs
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If your website visitors like your content and want to share it, why don’t we help them?

Sharing works best when the buttons are located in a way they can be easily spotted by visitors at your website, blog or forum. Sharexy provides possibility to customize not only the look of your widget's sharing buttons, you also get to choose its placement options!

Customize your widget!

Enjoy versatility!
Pick a floating widget, a static widget or both of them at once.
Experiment with placement:
and get more sharings, bookmarks and more social network traffic.

Our sharing buttons will perfectly integrate into your website design!

Fed up with surfing blogs and forums searching for the right design of sharing buttons? Search no more - customize everything as you want in a blink of an eye with just a few clicks, try Sharexy!

Designers and creative contributors from all over the world have already taken care of you by submitting awesome styles, one of which is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Choose one of the fabulous designs in our gallery or use the Sharexy widget constructor
Are you a freelance designer or a studio? Let the world know about yourself!
Create and send us your social buttons' design. The best works with the links to your site will be out for display in our gallery, we'll make them available for placement at thousands of websites!

Want to BOOST social network traffic on your website? Sure you do!

Most web surfers got so used to sharing buttons and sometimes they don't really notice them, skipping on sharing the content. This may lead to decrease in traffic volumes you get from social networks.

The solution has been figured out! Use Buzz!

Buzz will enable you to attract visitors' attention to social buttons, engaging them to share and drive more traffic to your site. Go to the widget customization page!